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     Fred C. Vaughan, Jr. is the Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel. Mr. Vaughan holds a bachelor of science and master of education degrees from James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Mr. Vaughan started his career in 1983 teaching and coaching at Randolph-Henry High School in Charlotte County, Virginia.  In 1985 he joined the Alleghany High School staff as special education teacher and coach.  Over the course of his career with the Alleghany County Public Schools, Mr. Vaughan has also served as an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Alleghany High School; Principal at Boiling Spring Elementary School; Director of Student Services; and Principal of Alleghany High School.

     Mr. Vaughan comes from a military family whose service has included several assignments throughout the world, including a two year stay in Tehran, Iran.  He is married to Tammie, a special education teacher for the Covington City Public Schools.  They have three children, Rachel, Jacob, and Rebecca, all graduates of Alleghany High School.  Mr. Vaughan is a member of Temple Baptist Church where he has served as a Deacon.

     The primary function of the Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel is to provide oversight of and to develop, administer, and assess programs, procedures, and policies associated with employees and student services that are not directly related to instruction and curriculum development.


Mr. Vaughan may be contacted by phone at
540-863-1814 or by
e-mail at

s. Cathy Leitch is the Executive Secretary to the Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel

Mrs. Leitch may be contacted by phone at 540-863-1814 or by email at

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